Visit the guesthouse Dekšņi and you will feel that it is a special place, where functionality  intertwines with romance. And these are those two traits that allow important events to happen here.


  • When you have something important to share, you organise a conference. At the place, where the time stops, key information is perceived more precisely.
  • When you have something important to celebrate (and you know what is very special in your life), you come to the Dekšņi guesthouse, where cordiality and cosiness will make the special event even more special.
  • When you have something important to unite, you organize a sporting event. People open up and catch the fire of excitement at the place, where daily lives are left behind.


But, when you pronounce the most important “yes” in your life, and want to celebrate your wedding, you arrange it at Dekšņi guesthouse, and tens of guests will have the warmest memories of the festive event celebrated at the place, where the time stops. 

Let the most important events happen chosing an offer that suits you best:


  • Rental of a spacious and light-flooded banquet and celebration hall
  • Rental of Dekšņi guesthouse (sauna, swimming pool, rooms, banquet hall)